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We are a network of people in Germany that aspire to use reason and evidence to help each other to do the most good given the resources that we have.

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What is Effective Altruism?

Effective Altruism (EA) is a philosophy and social movement that uses evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to help others. EA is a diverse community of researchers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists spread around the globe that is working together on various causes such as global health, animal welfare and ensuring a positive longterm future to effectively reduce suffering and improve lives.

Who are we?

We are a network of people in Germany who care deeply about the world, make benefiting others a significant part of our lives, and use evidence and reason to figure out how best to do so.

Putting this into practice means acting in accordance with the core principles of effective altruism:

Commitment to Others

We take the well-being of others very seriously, and are willing to take significant personal action in order to benefit others. What this entails can vary from person to person, and it's ultimately up to individuals to figure out what significant personal action looks like for them. In each case, however, the most essential commitment of effective altruism is to actively try to make the world a better place.

Scientific Mindset

We strive to base our actions on the best available evidence and reasoning about how the world works. We recognize how difficult it is to know how to do the most good, and therefore try to avoid overconfidence, to seek out informed critiques of our own views, to be open to unusual ideas, and to take alternative points of view seriously.


We are a community united by our commitment to our principles, not to a specific cause. Our goal is to do as much good as we can, and we evaluate ways to do that without committing ourselves at the outset to any particular cause. We are open to focusing our efforts on any group of beneficiaries, and to using any reasonable methods to help them. If good arguments or evidence show that our current plans are not the best way of helping, we will change our beliefs and actions.


Because we believe that trust, cooperation, and accurate information are essential to doing good, we strive to be honest and trustworthy. More broadly, we strive to follow those rules of good conduct that allow communities (and the people within them) to thrive. We also value the reputation of effective altruism, and recognize that our actions reflect on it.

Collaborative Spirit

We affirm a commitment to building a friendly, open, and welcoming environment in which many different approaches can flourish, and in which a wide range of perspectives can be evaluated on their merits. In order to encourage cooperation and collaboration between people with widely varying circumstances and ways of thinking, we resolve to treat people of different worldviews, values, backgrounds, and identities kindly and respectfully.

Join Our Mission

We are always looking to extend our network with motivated people that are willing to dedicate some of their resources towards doing the most good. Get in touch with us and join our mission to make the world a better place!

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Our Activities

1-on-1 Matching

Our 1-on-1 matching connects the German effective altruism community to inspire and learn from each other.


Our events (e.g., workshops, conferences) provide opportunities for networking and self-development.


We bring inspiring intermediate to advanced content to the German effective altruism community.


We research a more systematic approach to community building and development.


We provide the technological infrastructure to make it easy to participate in the German effective altruism community.


We are offering to manage the finances for the German effective altruism community.

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Our Team


Ekaterina Ilin

Outreach & HR

An astronomer who wants to create a home for aspiring EAs who don’t have much local support.


Max Schons

Events & Finances

An infectiologist who is great at hosting productive events and making sure that everything gets done.


Birte Spekker

Organization development & Management

Student of Cognitive Science with a focus on moral psychology and longtime local group leader in Osnabrück, excited to connect community builders on a national level.


Florian Zeidler


An entrepeneur building software to help people get stuff done.


Luise Wolf

Fundraising & Partnerships

A pediatrician with a heart for aspiring effective altruists, who wants to improve networking within the community.


Manuel Allgaier

Events & Career coaching

Full-time EA Community Builder with background in charity management and consultancy, currently leading EA Berlin.


Markus K. Brechtel

Organization development & IT

An IT Entrepreneur and Devops Engineer building networks and tools to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Local Groups

Groups organize regular meetups and events in many cities. All groups are happy to welcome new members who want to figure out together how to do the most good.

Get in Touch

While we are out and about on different platforms, the most effective way to contact us still via email. Simply send us a concise message about your concern and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are interested in joining our network, we would love to hear from you! Please include a short description of your motivation, location in Germany and experiences in relation to effective altruism. We will get back to you and try to schedule a conversation (in person or digitally) to get you involved.